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Wow!  What an incredible book!  After reading the synopsis and the letter from the author, I knew that I had to dive right into this book…and I am so glad that I did.  This is definitely a must read for 2014!

​I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I started reading Nocte.  I was both excited and nervous to find out where the story would take me.  Well, it took me on a deeply mysterious, dark, emotional, heartbreaking, twisted, romantic journey that I will be thinking about for a long time to come.  Once I started reading Nocte, I had a very difficult time putting it down.  I would tell myself that I would just read one more chapter, but I said this after every chapter, until I was too caught up and mesmerized by the story to stop. I couldn’t wait to turn the page to try and figure out what was going to happen next – I needed to know!

Courtney Cole did an amazing job in bringing these characters to life.  It was so easy to get swept up and invested into their lives. The depth of emotion, grief, and loss was intense and heartfelt.  The story consumed me with its unique storyline, characters, and writing style. With each word, the author built the story up into a captivating, beautiful, thrilling book that left my mind whirling and my heart palpitating. 

I would like nothing better than to discuss all of the details of the story, but you need to experience it for yourselves, and an experience is what it truly is!  Nocte will have you questioning everything.  It is brimming with mystery, insanity, and secrets.  It is a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, unpredictable book that will leave you craving more!

*5 Stars*

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By Courtney Cole