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No Tomorrow
By Carian Cole

With so many rave reviews and a synopsis that I simply couldn’t pass up, No Tomorrow was one book that I just had to read.  Whenever a book is touted as being raw, gritty, toxic, emotional, and filled with angst, my sights are always immediately drawn to it. 

This is not your average rock star romance.  This book deals with some timely, important, and difficult subject matter.  The author did a great job of tapping into the mindset of these characters, and while I didn’t always agree with their choices, I did feel every ounce of their turmoil and their pull toward each other.  No Tomorrow is full of heart:  heartache, heartbreak, and an abundance of love.

Do I believe in soul mates and true love?  Sure, the romantic side of me wants to believe.  Do I believe that loving someone can sometimes push you a little too far, making you lose sight of yourself and what is ultimately best for you?  I do.  I also like believing that people aren’t disposable, that when the going gets tough, you work through those tough times together.  This book had that in spades.  I could appreciate the love that the characters had for each other, and I wanted to be in their corner, but there were those other times when I wanted to simultaneously shake some sense into them and then pull them in for a big hug.  Piper and Blue’s relationship truly was the definition of an emotional roller coaster.  Their highs were so incredibly high, and their lows were deep, dark, and hitting rock bottom.

No Tomorrow was a good read, and for the most part, it was an intense read.  When I finished reading this book, I felt emotionally drained and exhausted.  While I enjoyed the majority of the time that I spent within its pages, there were a few times where I found my interest waning and I had to take little breaks from reading it.  There was never a moment where I was contemplated not finishing it, I just needed to step off the roller coaster for a bit of a breather. 

No Tomorrow is a unique, angst-filled read.  The author definitely has some writing chops and isn’t afraid to take her readers on a harrowing, emotional journey.  This is my first book by Carian Cole, and I am confident that it won’t be my last.

*4 Stars