​With all of the book options out there, I like to think that I am picky when it comes to purchasing a book.  I’ll be patient, waiting for it to go on sale, and when it does, I’ll read the sample to make sure that it is my kind of story.  July of last year, that’s exactly what I did with Nightfall.

While reading the sample, I thought that this is my kind of book.  It had a dark, twisted, jaded protagonist with some great sarcastic humor.  I immediately bought the book.  It took some time, but I finally got around to reading it.

Nightfall has a fantastic premise, a disgruntled cop has turned into a private investigator.  Yes, that is nothing new, but the vehicle that takes us there is unique and works well.  His soul has been sold to the devil and now Jack Nightingale has just a few weeks to literally save his soul.

I love an underdog hero, and Jack Nightingale seemed to fit the bill.  Unfortunately, he was overdone.  Sometimes less is more.  He was constantly drinking, always with a cigarette in his hand and in his damn MGB.  Jack Nightingale drove an MGB, an enviable car; this MGB was mentioned thirty-five times in the book – never his car, automobile, ride or anything else.  Yes, Jack Nightingale, I get it, you love your MGB. Are you compensating for something?  I know it is a minor detail, but it illustrates how the repetitiveness of the author created annoyances and, more importantly, distractions during the story.

There were additional issues with the book; the author had problems keeping the timeline straight, he placed the 10th of the month as the Friday between the 13th and 27th.

In the end, I’m glad that I read Nightfall.  I was curious and intrigued, now I know.  For a reader who can overlook the distractions, this could be a great, fun book.  For me, it turned me off reading more from Stephen Leather.

*3 Stars

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 By Stephen Leather