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Nick and Abe 

By Lex H. Jones

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I wasn’t exactly certain what to expect when I picked up Nick and Abe; sure I read the synopsis, God and Lucifer playing games with humanity.  I’ve read a few books like this before.  I like it when an author puts his or her own little twist on religion and tries to make me think about things, and look at the big picture a little differently.

Lex Jones gave me all of this and a whole lot more.  I was expecting dark and sinister, and I got enlightened and hopeful.  Nick and Abe went far beyond my expectations.  It was a well-crafted story that redefined the relationship between God, Lucifer and ourselves.

I was truly amazed at the world created by Lex Jones.  He took something that is ingrained into our culture, he made it fresh, new and exciting.  He invented an entirely new dynamic and a new way to look at theology. Lex Jones not only developed his story but he also rewrote the backstory, filling in all of the hows, the whens and even the whys.

The key to holding this story together is Emily.  If you’ve only read the synopsis, you don’t know her yet, but you should meet her soon.  She makes Nick and Abe real, she allows both God and Satan to clearly see what they need to do and how to do it.  Emily is the gravy to their meat and potatoes.

If you give Nick and Abe a shot, you’ll like it.  It is not my normal reading material, but I loved reading it. Nick and Abe will make you think about life and what is truly important.

*4.5 Stars