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Neon Wings

(Tales of the Fallen, Book 2) 

By David G. Barnett 

A good book takes you away on a voyage to a different time and place.  A great book takes you back to a feeling of warmth and comfort that you long for.

Neon Wings is a great book.  I love horror that builds off of religion.  It pushes our limits and makes us think.  Neon Wings brought me back to The Prophecy, The Prince of Darkness and The Exorcist.  David Barnett is unorthodox and irreverent in his writing, he goes to those uncomfortable places that others are loath to go.

Each story in the Tales of the Fallen is more or less a self-contained unit of a larger, greater story.  I suppose you could read the second book prior to the first, but I would suggest you start in the beginning for the full effect.

Neon Wings is not for everyone.  David Barnett is a master of visual gore with his writing.  I like it.  You’ve been warned.  My only complaint, I want more sooner.

*4.5 Stars

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