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​As soon as I read the synopsis for this novella, I knew that I needed to read it.  I don’t normally read many novellas, but I do enjoy office romances - include an arrogant, demanding boss and I am so in!  Whitney G. delivered on everything that this novella promised.  It was a light, fun, sexy read.  It was a great little diversion from a busy time of year. 

Michael Leighton was every bit the egotistical boss that I had hoped he would be.  Let’s face it, if he had been an understanding, patient, friendly boss it just wouldn’t have been as interesting.  Oh, no.  He was the rich businessman who needed to rehabilitate his playboy image.  He was the type of boss that you loved to look at but hated to interact with (except for in your fantasies, perhaps).

Mya London was an intelligent woman with drive, she just wasn’t that adept at sending e-mails.  I could feel her embarrassment and dread through the pages.  The whole scenario between these two characters was just perfect.

If you are looking for a quick, steamy read, Naughty Boss is definitely for you. 

*5 Stars

*I received an advanced, uncorrected copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Naughty Boss:  A Novella
By Whitney Gracia Williams

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