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Sitting down to read My Favorite Half-Night Stand was like sitting down with a close-knit group of friends.  Once again, this writing duo has created characters that you can’t help but feel connected to.  I felt as though I knew each one of them personally.  This book was exactly what I had hoped it would be, it was entertaining, witty, emotional, and delivered a story that I was completely invested in.

The lone woman in a group of friends, Millie is just one of the guys.  They all work for the same university, they are intelligent, successful, and single.  When an upcoming event makes them feel as though they should each have a plus one, they decide that trying an online dating app may be the best way to go.  After writing less than inspiring profiles for themselves, Millie is persuaded to write the online profiles for each of the guys, but Millie’s skill seemed to be better served for writing the profiles of others, her own, not so much.  When her own profile doesn’t seem to garner any wanted attention from potential guys she’d date, she decides to make a new profile, one using her middle name, and lo and behold, her best friend Reid is a match for her.  While this group of friends is as close as close can be, Millie and Reid have always been that little bit closer, even stepping out of the friend zone a time or two…or three.

When Millie, aka Cat, and Reid begin communicating through the dating app, Millie drops hint after hint to let Reid know that it’s actually her, but Reid, as smart as he is, doesn’t pick up on the many clues dropped for him.  Millie is able to reveal parts of herself to Reid that she could never do face to face.  Using this app has taken her guard down, and Reid soon finds himself falling for Cat, too.  Mm hmm.

I’m not going to lie, watching these characters trying to maneuver in the dating world had me so glad that I’m not a part of that scene anymore.  Swiping this way and that, making profiles, and wading through the endless pools of single people seems like a harrowing activity, however, reading about it in a work of fiction was just a whole lot of fun!

My Favorite Half-Night Stand was everything that I’ve come to expect from Christina Lauren.  It was highly entertaining, had me laughing out loud, and had my heart pounding.  I adored the camaraderie between the characters.  They were brought to life within the pages of the book and, I, for one, felt like I was a part of their gang.

*5 Stars


My Favorite Half-Night Stand
By Christina Lauren

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