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Midnight Crossroad

(A Novel of Midnight, Texas #1)

By Charlaine Harris

​I’ve been having a tough time of it the past few weeks…months; finding that book that gives me that Calgon moment, yes, I’m aging myself, but I want a book to take me away.  I thought it would be good to go back to an old favorite, Charlaine Harris.

I was immediately ready to pack my bags and move to Texas.  Harris filled that little town with such an intriguing cast of characters.  Each and every one is surrounded in their own world of what the hell is going on with you?  I loved sitting in the Home Cookin Restaurant enjoying the daily special.  Above all else, the cat, Mr. Snuggly, stole the show.

When I reached the end of Midnight Crossroad, it dawned on me.  I really didn’t care about the plot, it was a bit lackluster and I could have enjoyed the story just as well without it.  That tells me a couple of things: first of all, the story sucks, second of all, my time spent with the characters was so much fun that the first point really doesn’t matter.

When push comes to shove, will I make a return visit to Midnight, Texas?  Most likely, but it will be to come back and revisit some old friends. If anything exciting happens in the story, great, but I won’t hold my breath.

*4 Stars