By Jake Bible

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Let’s be honest, the sea creature genre is a tough pool to jump into.  As an author, you almost have to decide to go in one of two directions:  try to live up to the tension and genuine fear of Peter Benchley’s Jaws or go for the pure unadulterated fun of Piranha 3D.  Both are valid subsects of the genre, creating a different form of entertainment for the consumer.

Jake Bible has expertly blended these two subgenres together into an exceptionally fun-loving, tension filled story, even borrowing a line or two.

Mega’s cast consists largely of a group of misfits pulled together under false pretenses to save the world’s oceans from being terrorized by a prehistoric shark.  With all of the action, Jake Bible has created characters that I cared about.  I felt like part of the crew.  Some of them were over the top, but this only helped to add to the fun of the story.

The story really went above and beyond my expectations with the tension.  A big part of the tension was my connection to the characters – If I don’t care about them, kill ‘em all, I just don’t care.  But I cared about the crew of the Beowolf II, and I wanted them all to escape the crushing jaws of Mega.

Mega was a brilliantly written story that packs a powerful bite; I was hooked from the start and reeled in.  I’m looking forward to more adventures with Team Grendel.

*4.5 Stars