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So, this one was a little outside of my box.  It was a deal that Shelley and I struck up over a year and a half ago, she would read one of my all-time favorite zombie-esque books and then she would pick a romance for me to read at a later date.  Well Shelley, I don’t think that you could have picked a better book for me to read.

Me Before You is the story of two lost souls who have been brought together by circumstances beyond their control.  Lou has lost her job, and Will is a quadriplegic whose active lifestyle has been taken away from him by a tragic accident.

Jojo Moyes has set these two together on a collision course, and I can honestly say that it was heart-wrenching to see the turmoil that Lou and Will were both experiencing as I was pulled deeper into both of their lives.  Jojo Moyes has truly mastered the art of balancing tragedy with comedy.  Will’s desperate situation and Lou’s seemingly futile efforts to make things better were constantly juxtaposed with the witty banter between the two.

In addition to the fantastic main characters, Jojo Moyes has a perfectly balanced and intricate supporting cast.  Patrick, the boyfriend, aka "The Running Man", could not be more different than Will and offers layers of frustration as well as comic relief to the story.  Then there is Lou’s family.  I hated them, I loved them; they were family.

Me Before You is an instant classic that asks some very serious questions while giving some great chuckles and a few tears as you contemplate the answer.

*5 Stars​

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Me Before You – By Jojo Moyes