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Man Made Murder - By Z. Rider

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Z. Rider knows how to write horror, especially the kind of horror that I enjoy.  Man Made Murder is a fantastic tale of monsters and vengeance.

When I first started digging into Man Made Murder, I began to get a bit concerned.  The rock star survives a freak attack and becomes infected with God knows what, fighting whatever is going on inside of him – it was a little déjà vu-ish (Suckers).  I get that the rock and roll theme is part of the author’s comfort zone, but I needed her to go somewhere different with this…

That is where Carl Delacroix comes into play.  This poor soul with nothing left to live for has only one reason to go on – revenge.  It is by pure chance that his path crosses with Dean Thibodeaux’s, the lead guitarist in a rock and roll band.  Z. Rider builds each of these characters independently.  We get to know Carl and his demons and we are pulled into the life of Dean.  These two characters help to make Man Made Murder one heck of a twisted and dark story.

Man Made Murder is a perfect introduction to what I hope will become a new favorite trilogy.  It is well written, with a couple of dark heroes and a gang of villains that we have only skimmed the surface of.

I am eagerly awaiting book two in the Blood Road Trilogy.

*4.5 Stars