Asher Benson is back, the drunken derelict with his unique form of PTSD, is dragged kicking, screaming and staggering back into saving the world...again.

Asher Benson is exactly what I like and look for in a hero.  He has a "gift" that sets him apart from most people.  It is his "superpower".  Unfortunately, this gift is also Asher Benson's curse.  He cannot control this power, personally, I think for a hero to work, he must have his kryptonite.

Jason Brant has brought the whole gang back together again.  You would be hard pressed to find a more oddball group who work so well together, both as the story and within the story.  Each one is a polar opposite from Ash in their own way.  These characters pull the story together and put this story and the entire series that notch above many others.

Jason Brant's writing is a combination of fast paced action, witty dialogue and extreme characters.  Madness is definitely a page turner, the fast pace pushes you to need to know what happens next.

I would highly recommend reading Ash first and then jumping straight into Madness.  And with an ending like that I can't wait for book three.

4 Stars 

Madness – By Jason Brant

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