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Loving Amber is the story of one woman’s attempt to move forward after the tragic loss of her husband and brother.  It’s a heartfelt story of grief, family, forgiveness, and giving yourself permission to find happiness and love again.

Everyone handles their grief differently.  There is no right or wrong way in dealing with it; it’s an individual reaction to the pain, suffering, and loss that is felt in every fiber of one’s being.  In Amber’s case, her grief has led her to blame the one man who survived the car accident that killed her husband and brother.  She needs someone or something to blame, and Aiden is the most obvious choice.

I felt whole-heartedly for Aiden.  He didn’t deserve to be blamed for the deaths of his two best friends.  He was grieving for them too.  They all got themselves into a situation that they never should have been in and, unfortunately, the repercussion of that poor decision was fatal. 

Aiden Rogers had always been a fixture around the Riverstone Estate.  He was good friends with Amber’s brothers and Paul, Amber’s late husband.  He was a typical trouble-making kid who enjoyed picking on his friends’ sister.  It was a classic case of picking on the one that you love.  There was always a love/hate aspect to Amber and Aiden’s relationship growing up, but as they matured, there was an attraction that was simmering under the surface of their friendship.  An attraction that should never be acted upon.

After two years of grieving, Amber was finally beginning to believe that it was time to move on with her life.  Not only did she miss the emotional and physical connection with a man, but she felt that her six year old son needed to have a masculine presence in his life.  She felt as though she had found the ideal partner to potentially forge a future with, but the excitement, butterflies, and attraction were lacking.  The only person who could make her heart beat faster was Aiden, but she could never be with him.

Loving Amber contained a great deal of back and forth between the characters.  Aiden loved her and wanted to be forgiven, to just be able to be around her and her son after two years of being cut off from their lives.  Amber fought their attraction tooth and nail.  Deep down, she wanted to succumb to it, but she flip-flopped between wanting him and pushing him away.  I may have yelled at my Kindle a few times.

Roya Carmen has created a great start to what is promising to be a provocative series set amidst a family estate.  With an intriguing cast of characters along with the author’s ability to create tension and plenty of sizzle, Loving Amber was an enjoyable book to introduce readers to this romantic series.

*4 Stars

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Loving Amber
(Riverstone Estate Series #1)
By Roya Carmen