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Zsadist, the most scarred of all of the brothers, physically at least. This is his story of how he tries to overcome his curse and the “female” who wants to help him. Of all the Black Dagger Brotherhood members, Zsadist is the one most feared. With his long scar through the center of his face, to his throw caution to the wind (nothing left to live for attitude), and the skull of some female that he keeps in his room, it is obvious why he would be feared. Zsadist fears no one, not even the King, Wrath.

The story of Bella and Zsadist goes beyond the previous two in the series. Zsadist’s internal struggle and scars are far deeper than his physical ones and prevent him from loving and being loved. This creates the tension and frustration that makes this story not only work, but one of the best in the series.

For some reason, that even he can’t explain, Zsadist is hell bent on rescuing Bella and he is willing to do anything (risk his life or defy the King) in order to make this happen. As always, the fighting against the Lessers is well done, the drama is gripping, and there is the right amount of humour added in. There is also the build up for the next story…what will happen to Butch?

5 Stars

Lover Awakened - By J.R. Ward