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Love Me in the Dark
By Mia Asher

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When I first read the synopsis for this book, I was giddy with anticipation.  While some people shy away from fictional love triangles, I run full-tilt toward them.  If you are a reader who is generally apprehensive about the messy, angst-filled drama that ensues in a love triangle, try this book, it may just change your mind. 

Valentina feels as though she’s lost herself.  Being the wife of William Alexander Fitzpatrick IV, her life has revolved around her marriage and being the wife that her husband deserves.  Gone is the wild, free-spirited woman that she once was.  In her place is the devoted, loyal, doting, model wife who tends to her husband’s wants and needs while ignoring her own.  Even though their life may seem perfect to an outsider looking in, their relationship has experienced its share of strife. 

When a trip to Paris to reconnect and rebuild their marriage turns into a trip for one, Valentina decides to make the most of her time alone by experiencing all of the beauty and wonders of the city.  But when her curiosity puts her in an awkward situation, a handsome, sexy stranger quickly comes to her rescue.  Quick thinking on his part turned an embarrassing scenario into a completely spontaneous, intense, flirtatious encounter that branded itself in Valentina’s mind. 

The interactions between Valentina and Sébastien definitely made my heart beat a little bit faster.  The chemistry between them seemed to get stronger and more intense with every word, touch, and get-together.  But regardless of the magnetism between them, Valentina never forgot about her loyalty to her husband.  Even though she cherished and anticipated any time spent with Sébastien, her conscience bore the heavy weight of her guilt for feeling anything for a man who wasn’t her husband.  She is torn between two men:  one who brought light into her life, the other who kept her in the shadows of his.

The story is told from alternating perspectives, allowing the readers to get an understanding of the mindset of each of the characters.  These insights were certainly eye-opening, revealing personal demons and the true natures of the characters.  While readers do get to experience the story from Valentina, William, and Sébastien’s perspectives, this book is definitely Valentina’s journey of rediscovering who she is. Mia Asher has written an honest story about a woman who has lost the person she once was – a woman who desperately wants to find her own happiness, her own zest for life, to become reacquainted with the old Valentina.  I felt for Valentina.  I wanted her to have a fulfilling life filled with love and happiness.  I wanted her to finally take care of herself and her own wants and desires.  Above all, I wanted her to have the life that she so deserved. 

Love Me in the Dark is a compelling, fast-paced story that immediately pulled me into the characters’ lives from beginning to end.  Amid all of the complications and turmoil that this story delivered, Mia Asher’s mesmerizing writing shone through like a shining star.  I found myself highlighting many passages so that I could reread them later.  This is a sensual, passionate story with absolutely beautiful writing!

*4.5 Stars