The first thing I asked myself when I saw Claire Fletcher #2 was, how is Lisa Regan going to do this?  You see, Claire Fletcher was the victim in book one.  How much trouble can Lisa Regan inflict on this poor girl?  I, for one, had to know.

Don’t be fooled by Lisa Regan, sure, she may look all sweet and innocent, but somewhere inside of her thrives a dark, twisted mind that brings to life some of the most shocking crime books I’ve found. Losing Leah Holloway is filled with dark secrets, so many that I have to wonder how Regan comes up with these scenarios, what is her inspiration?

Losing Leah Holloway starts off with a bang, then Regan leads us on a winding road to discover the why of her story.  There was a great bread crumb trail along the way filled with enough twists and turns to keep me interested and guessing.

It was great to see Claire Fletcher again, to know that she was able to move on (more or less) from the terrible ordeal that she suffered in book one.  She is a captivating character and it is interesting to get a peek into the life of a character after their story has been told. It worked well bringing Claire into Leah Holloway’s story, it created an instant and immediate familiarity with the characters.

It has been a couple of years since I’ve read a book by Regan, it’s good to see that her crimes are as dark and disturbing as ever.

*4 Stars

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Losing Leah Holloway


 By Lisa Regan