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​​​The B movie, we all have our own definition of it.  For me, the B movie is a film that is shorter, quicker to the punch and something that I would go to when I just want to have a little bit of fun.  Hunter Shea is a master of creating the literary equivalent of the B movie.  Loch Ness Revenge is a perfect example of this art.

Hunter Shea has introduced me to many monsters that I never knew about; in this case he reintroduces me to, perhaps, the most famous monster on the face of the earth.  I am a huge fan of what Hunter Shea does with his stories, he takes an existing story or legend (a monster from someone’s backyard) and he breathes new life into the story.  He plays off of something that we already half believe in, then he blows it out of the water.

There was just the right amount of time spent building up the characters.  We get a good sense of who Natalie and Austin McQueen are and what drives them.  There are a few other characters who round out the cast, with Henrik really adding the necessary comic and over-the-top elements.

Hunter Shea has given me the Loch Ness monster that I never knew I needed and a crazy gang that I may be following to the other side of the world.

*4 Stars

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Loch Ness Revenge 

By Hunter Shea