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There is nothing quite like a great haunted house/ghost story.  The best part of a ghost story is how it plays off of our beliefs.  We all know that vampires, werewolves and all of those kinds of monsters don’t really exist, but ghosts and haunted houses are different, that shit is real…don’t get me going on that!

Megan Hart has created a perfect horror story for someone like me.  We meet Ginny and Sean as they are moving into their new old house.  Their relationship is built and exposed in a marvelous way.  At first they come across as a near perfect couple, sure, they get on each other’s nerves from time to time, but that happens in any relationship.  That’s what makes them and their relationship believable and authentic so early on in the book.  As the story progresses, we get to know Ginny and Sean a bit better.  The stress of the pregnancy, new home, and money issues adds to the chaos of their lives. They fight over the little things (don’t we all).  I felt like I could relate to them, I could laugh at the things that married couples argue about.  But then came the secrets, and these are not the “little secrets” that were advertised.

Ginny and Sean aren’t the only ones with secrets.  That old house has secrets of its own.  The first house that my wife and I bought was built in 1900, while I was reading, I transposed my own rooms and set up into Ginny and Sean’s house.  I could vividly see the dark corners and the built-in units.  I knew which steps creaked and I had heard, many times, those strange, unexplained noises.  In fact, my own cat found a route from the basement into the kitchen cupboard.  I was at home in this house.

Beyond all of this groundwork done in making me feel comfortable in Megan Hart’s Little Secrets, the best part of the whole story was that, “Luke, I’m your father” moment.  Holy Hell, I never saw that coming!

Prepare to rock your socks off.

*5 Stars

Little Secrets - By Megan Hart