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I loved every minute of this book.  It pulled me in at the very beginning and kept me completely immersed in the story and the character’s lives until the final page.  I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading it, I would tell myself…just one more chapter

Jordan made an unfortunate decision when he was only sixteen that would forever impact his life.  Not only would he go to prison for his tragic mistake, but he would be forever punished by his parents, community, and even worse…himself.  Jordan’s story broke my heart.  He would have to live with the guilt and blame for what had happened for the rest of his life.  Prison time would not erase all of the pain and hurt that he caused.

Jordan was living back with his parents while he was out on parole, but he would’ve been better off staying locked up behind bars. His parents were cruel, resentful, and hateful towards him.  You wouldn’t treat your worst enemy the way that they treated him.  It was completely heartbreaking.  Jordan was a good man, but he needed to believe that himself.  He didn’t think that he would ever deserve anything good out of life.

Torrey Delaney needed a change in her life.  She came to the small community in Texas to visit her mother, who also happened to be a preacher at the local church.  I loved Torrey’s sarcastic, tell it like it is brand of honesty.  Sure, she may have come across as harsh at times, but she was essentially a good person who just lacked a filter.  She was strong, non-judgemental, forward, and completely comfortable in her own skin.  She wasn’t one of the ever-popular, naïve virgins that I often find in books (nothing against them).  She was a no holds barred kind of young woman who was quite secure in her sexual needs.

Torrey was just what Jordan needed.  She was his friend, she didn’t judge him, she liked to be with him, and she wanted him to get the second chance at life that she believed he deserved.  She was his biggest fan.  Jordan was just what Torrey needed, too.  He made her feel things for someone that wasn’t solely based on lust.  He was sweet, charming, and like no other man that she had encountered (and she had encountered her share).  Even though they seemed perfect together, they had so many obstacles standing in their way.

Jane Harvey-Berrick has written a beautiful, emotional, heartbreaking story of love and forgiveness.  She has created characters that I immediately became invested in.  Lifers had all of the elements that I look for in a book.  When a book can make me smile, laugh, cry (oh, I cried), and swoon…I know that it is amazing! 

*5 Stars*

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By Jane Harvey-Berrick