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King is the fourth installment in the Red Dust series, the first three installments can be found together in The Fall.  The zombie apocalypse has hit the wild west and the North and South are deep into the civil war.

It amazes me that with hoards of Zombies pouring across the Great Plains that people would still be killing one another and not uniting against the "greater" enemy, but I guess that is just human nature.

Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell have picked up where they left off.  Each of their stories are interconnected; King (Ethan King) has set up a "safe" community, independent of everyone and desired by both sides.  Griffin is back also, he is a dark character, someone who survives.  I'll leave his role for you to discover.

What I enjoy the most about a short story is how quickly I can get into the story.  A good short story, like King, starts strong and doesn't let you down.  What I hate about a good short story is that it ends too soon, they cannot write them as fast as I can read them.  I am eagerly awaiting Red Dust #5. 

 3.5 Stars ( put it into a larger volume then 4 stars) 

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King (Red Dust #4)

By Ben Dixon & Sam Campbell