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The comparisons with Stieg Larsson are irresistible, with both of them being Scandinavian and both of them writing excellent suspenseful detective mysteries. Jussi Adler-Olsen’s work is something completely different.

Our hero, Carl Morck, is a broken down homicide detective in Copenhagen. He is alone, no one on the police force wants to partner with him, but due to his seniority they cannot get rid of him. What’s the best solution? Promote him to head up his own department! Carl gets relegated to cold cases (in the basement, of course).

Carl is no fool, he knows why he’s there. He only wants to kill time, until one particular case captures his attention, the disappearance of a popular politician, Merete Lynggaard. With this case and the help of his immigrant sidekick Hafez el-Assad (the best character in the book who often left me in stitches), Carl renews his passion for detective work.

This case and the characters are so well done. It has the perfect mix of shock, hope, misery, and humor.

I would highly recommend The Keeper of Lost Causes to anyone who loves crime drama. I have just picked up The Absent One, I am looking forward to another dark investigation with Carl and the antics of Assad.

5 Stars

The Keeper of Lost Causes 

By Jussi Adler-Olsen