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The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

In a world filled with dystopian and post apocalyptic books, an author needs to find themselves that something different that sets their book apart from the others.  John S.Wilson has done exactly that with his "Wall Streetageddon".  The country as we know it has fallen apart due to the complete economic collapse of the United States.  I loved this approach,  it was such a fantastic twist, and to be honest, of all the dystopian scenarios out there, it is the one that hits closest to home.   This shit could really happen.

The Bad

I have to be honest, the writing itself lacked some polishing.  I believe that this is the author's first work of fiction, and he does show a great deal of potential.  But there were certain points of the narrative that were a bit convoluted and hard to follow.  The hardest part for me was the protagonist, he never had a name, he was only ever referred to as "the man".  The whole thing gave me the feeling of a first person perspective, written as a third person perspective.  I would have preferred it if he had just gone whole hog first person.

The Ugly

His vision of the turmoil and ugliness that America would fall into following the Wall Streetageddon.  I would like to think that most people would rise above  the lawlessness and "me first" attitude, but his version seems far more plausible.  John Wilson really has a dark outlook on who we are.

Joshua was a fantastic story.  The concept is well thought out and the torment of the protagonist pulls you into the story.  Yes, it could use a round of polishing and a name for "the man" so that I can better identify with him.  But the story works and I would like to see how John S. Wilson evolves as an author, and where America goes after its fall.

3.5 Stars    

Joshua - By John S. Wilson