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What do you do when you want someone so badly and you can’t seem to have them?

You let him monopolize your every thought. You live him, breathe him, stalk him.

You obsess over every little part of him.

Saskia Day might have everything that money can buy, but the one thing that she wants more than anything else is always out of her reach. Fame, beauty, popularity and money have afforded her many things in this world… except Jahleel Kingston. He is the one person that she wants and can never seem to have.

Jahleel Kingston is gorgeous, sexy, talented, but he is also a promiscuous ass. Oh, he will even admit that he’s an ass. Despite being warned by her faithful friends and confidantes that he will just break her heart, Saskia wants Jahleel just the same. She will do whatever it takes to make that man hers, even if it makes her seem weak and pathetic.

Saskia Day is a superstar. She is a British singer who is on top of her game. She has reached the pinnacle of success, but she is far from being satisfied with her personal life. Five years ago, she laid eyes on the most beautiful man that she had ever seen and for five years he has been occupying her every thought. She knows that her obsession with Jahleel seems crazy, but it doesn’t stop her from wanting him.

Jahleel is used to being able to have and bed any female that he wants. He is arrogance personified, but it seems to be masking some deep seated issues that he has inside. It doesn’t matter if he is rude to Saskia, ignores her, or blatantly tells her that he will never be with her the way she desires, she can’t seem to shake her feelings for him.

This is definitely not your grandma’s romance novel! This book takes you on a roller coaster ride of love and obsession. This is a romance book that is about an all-consuming, pain inducing, heart pounding, heartbreaking “love” that will have you shaking your head.

Did I enjoy this book? How could I not?! It gave me drama galore, a freaky love story, twists and turns, and a cast of crazy characters. It had me obsessively flipping the pages to read more!

*4 Stars*

Jahleel - By S. Ann Cole