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This book grabbed my attention as soon as I read the synopsis. It had me at the first line, “This isn’t some happy love story.” I was ready to read a book that took me on a whirlwind of emotions…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Insurmountable may start off as your average college aged romance novel, but don’t be fooled. Tade Astor is rich, gorgeous, athletic, promiscuous, and doesn’t believe in having a girlfriend. Reagan is beautiful, smart, fiery, and a virgin. Sound familiar? The similarities stop there.

I loved that the book was told from the male’s perspective. It’s interesting to see how the story unfolds through Tade’s eyes, mind and heart. The story is fast paced and had me eagerly turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next.

Despite their immediate attraction to one another, Tade and Reagan’s relationship does not happen instantly. She is not an easy conquest for him and he is more than intrigued by her effect on him. For the first time ever, Tade finds himself wanting to get to know a girl. She has a pull on him that he has never experienced or felt before.

This book is filled with drama, angst, turmoil and romance. Yes, even being told from the male perspective, it still had that great love story feel. The chemistry between the characters is intense and their emotions run deep. Even though this book came with a warning, the twists and turns were completely unexpected. I am pretty good at predicting a story, but congratulations to T.E. White…you got me! I never saw that coming!

Tade Astor definitely has a story to tell…and it will leave you speechless.

5 Stars


Insurmountable (Sins of the Father)
  By T.E. White