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I think that this song fits the book perfectly!

Reading an Amy Harmon book is an experience. Infinity + One is just another example of the depth and detail that she puts into writing her books.

Bonnie Rae Shelby is a music star with beauty, talent, and a personality that is larger than life. She appears to have everything that a young woman could want, but she is filled with a deep sadness and loneliness that can’t be cured by a sold out stadium or a screaming crowd. She is just a small town country girl who has hit the bigtime, but she has lost control of her own life in the process. She is worn down, emotionally spent, tired, and she just needs to break free from it for a little while.

Infinity Clyde is an ex-con who just wants to reinvent himself. He has lost five years of his young life behind bars for a crime that he didn’t commit. He has suffered great loss in his life as well. He is a lonely individual with a brilliant mathematical mind who just needs a fresh start. It seems as though Infinity has always found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time…except for one fateful night in Boston. What happens after that turns into a modern day adventure – Bonnie & Clyde style!

The book takes you on a cross country road trip with two very interesting and colorful characters. Their journey is filled with mishaps, adventure, media rumors, and colorful new acquaintances. Bonnie and Infinity develop feelings for one another that feeds the emptiness that each one of them feels inside.

Infinity + One is a thoughtful, emotional, and romantic story. As with all of her books, it is evident how much hard work and research was put into writing this story. This is a creative, unique, heartwarming story between two very likeable characters who you will be rooting for until the very last page.

*4.5 Stars*

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Infinity + One 
By Amy Harmon