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This book surprised me. I knew when I read the description of it that it would be up my alley, but, wow! I found it to be a very fast paced book that grabbed me from the beginning and had me glued to it.

This book starts off in the character’s childhood and details her life with her family and her life at school. Whether she is at home or at school, Sara Nolan has a rough life. Her parents are alcoholics who are abusive and negligent as parents. Sara is undernourished and dirty. She gets bullied repeatedly at school by one girl in particular, but of course it soon snowballs into more kids picking on her. One day, things change for Sara. Jaxon Barlow comes into Sara’s life. He is a couple of years older, he is big, and he is very good looking. He teaches Sara’s bully a lesson and things seem to become a lot easier for Sara. She starts hanging out with his group of friends and tagging along with them. Soon Jaxon and Sara become inseparable. Sara is almost living at Jaxon’s house with him and his mom. They are best friends in the best sense of the word.

As they get older their feelings change. They begin to see each other as more than friends. When they decide one night to take that leap of faith and take their relationship to the next level…it is beautiful. The love that they have for one another is immense. They have a very strong physical connection as well. Their new life away from their small hometown seems to be budding with every new possibility.

Jaxon’s mother, who is essentially like a mother to Sara, decides to give her some relationship advice. This plants a seed in Sara’s mind that turns her relationship with Jaxon into something that neither of them wanted. Sara begins to act out in ways that she is not proud of. She fears that she is becoming like her father and wants desperately to change. She doesn’t feel that she is worthy of Jaxon’s love and she doesn’t want to hurt him. She leaves him.

The book jumps ahead five years and you get to see what has become of the two main characters. Sara has been hell bent on fixing herself and controlling her anger. Jaxon has just hardened himself to emotion. When an unfortunate circumstance has Sara returning to her hometown, she is shocked to run into Jaxon. She is even more stunned to find out how cold and angry he is after all these years. As different as they both are now, their passion still flares and they are caught up in old feelings that never died. Jaxon is carrying some secrets with him. He is a “business man” now with a lot of money and some pretty questionable acquaintances.

This was a really good book that had twists and turns and kept you at the edge of your seat. There is a second book in this series that I will definitely be “one-clicking”!

4.5 Stars

Ignite - By R.J. Lewis