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​Sometimes I like to get up early on a Saturday morning before everyone else, grab the laptop and a cup of coffee and browse through the books online.  It’s my quiet time, and that’s how I like to spend it.  I get to peruse all the available and upcoming books at my own leisure and find some interesting books.  This is how I came across I Am Not A Serial Killer.

The synopsis grabbed my attention immediately.  It had a bit of a Dexter feel about it, yet with a little something completely different.  John Wayne Cleaver has what it takes to be a serial killer, he has his rules, but he doesn’t want to become one.

Once the timing was right, I dove into the book.  It is an incredibly intricate, well-devised work of fiction.  The details that go into the protagonist are like pieces of a puzzle that, once you put them together, fit into a perfect character that you don’t even imagine coming.

John was a fabulous character.  I loved getting into his mind and discovering how his mind worked.  It was a perfect balance between disturbing and laugh-out-loud hilarious.  Dan Wells balanced the darkness that I love in my protagonists with the humor to keep me plowing through the story.  Wells must have done a ton of research in the creation of John and how the mind of a serial killer works, at least I hope it was research and not natural born knowledge.

I Am Not A Serial Killer gave me a whole lot more than I expected.  John became my newest, scariest friend; I’m looking forward to spending more time with him, but I’ll be sure to say at a safe distance.

*5 Stars

I Am Not A Serial Killer

 By Dan Wells