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A Hunter and His Legion

By Edward Crichton

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Well now, where do I begin with this one…This is Book 3 of the Praetorian series. I have been travelling through the Roman Empire with Jacob Hunter and his friend for 3 books now. In this installment, Hunter has been given a full legion by Vespasian to accompany him and his friends on their mission to “correct” all of the damage they have done to the future. They are further aided by his sister and her team, they have travelled back from a future that is dramatically different from the home that Hunter longs to return to.

What I have always enjoyed in this series is the fantastic description of the Romans, and their military tactics. Crichton has always done a great job of getting into the nitty gritty of how the Romans fought and the nastiness of warfare during that period. I love the great twists on the characters (notably Caligula and Claudius). He has certainly done his research to produce this series.

From my perspective this series has gone off the rails…he has just gone too far. It is a 489 page book, with a 150 (roughly) pages that I would compare to an LSD induced dream sequence. I’m sorry…but this is how I read it. Perhaps this was his plan all along, but it is not what brought me into the series in the first place; it is not what helped me create a connection to the characters; it is not what made me care through the first two books.

I read Hunter and His Legion because I know that the fourth and final installment will be released next month and I wanted to jump into it as soon as it became available. I’m sure that I will read it at some point in time, I may need to give it a little bit of time. Edward Crichton is a good author, he has created some wonderful characters and set them into a great setting, I want to give him a chance to redeem himself.

3 Stars