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Unpredictable, Unorthodox, Unputdownable

Horns was a shocking book. Every time I turned a page I would say to myself, “WTF! Man, did you just do that?!” The fact that Joe Hill was not afraid to do the unexpected made this an amazing story.

Ignatius Perrish has suffered many losses during his life, the greatest of these was the brutal rape and murder of the love of his life, Merrin. A year later, Ig finds himself in his own personal hell.

Joe Hill has created such a diverse, troubled and realistic cast of characters. Who are the good guys…who are the bad guys? This is what pulled me into Horns and never let me go. Each and every character is fully developed, by the end of the story we intimately understand the motivation behind their actions (however warped their reasons may have been).

What I really loved about Horns were the blurred lines between good and evil; heaven and hell, devils and demons. Is Ig, with his full set of Horns the Hero or the Villain? Can the devil be the good guy?

Horns is a book that I hated to put down; it was not rushed, it never (ever) dragged on. This is a fantastic example of book perfection, I have never read anything quite like this before.

7 Stars

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Horns By Joe Hill