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I always hate writing reviews like this one, not because I didn’t like the book – I loved the book!  I hate writing reviews like this because the series is over, my adventures with my good friend Cale are over.  No more killing zombies together, our trek across desert sands, oceans, and through abandoned cities has come to an end.

Mikhail Lerma is a gifted storyteller who has woven together an engaging tale that I was completely immersed in.  It is not very often that a trilogy presents itself like this, where I can read and want to read the entire series within one year.  But Cale’s story was so “real” that I had to know what happened.

Cale is a tortured soul, yes, he is a soldier, but he is not the typical “Special Ops/Super Soldier”.  He is just a regular guy whose biggest concern is getting home to his wife and daughter.  The shifting points of view from Cale to his wife, Lauren, made their relationship truly tangible.  I was able to really put myself in the story and go through all of this with Cale.

The Z Plan series is not like your regular apocalypse series.  Mikhail Lerma has created a believable scenario, with characters that became my friends.  And I am man enough to admit that when all was said and done, I shed a couple of tears; that’s right, I said it…the zombie author made me cry!  Oh yeah, I really liked all of the zombie killing too, that was great (nice to get my cohones back).

If you’re looking for a series that only gets better and better, you need to read Z Plan.

*5 Stars

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Homecoming (Z Plan #3)

By Mikhail Lerma