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Hell Divers III:  Deliverance

​(The Hell Divers Series #3)

By Nicholas Sansbury Smith

I’ve been a little bit off of the series for a while now.  I like getting into a story, and when it’s done, moving on to the next.  But there is something about the characters that Smith has created that pulled me back in for another dive to Hell.

What I love most about this series is that the story hasn’t gotten at all repetitive.  Smith has kept it fresh and exciting with a Martinesque rotation of characters and new villains with each new book.  The impetus moving the story forward keeps changing and evolving.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot of book three, these books need to be read in order, yet each one does feel like a complete unit that tells a satisfying story. 

Smith has created a unique and credible futuristic dystopian world that is filled with death, danger and destruction.  To this world, he has added a marvelous band of characters to entertain his audience.

For some convoluted reason I went into Deliverance thinking that he would wind the series up as a trilogy, but instead, now I’m amped up that there is another book on the horizon.


*4.5 Stars

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