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Hell Dancer 

By Wol-vriey

Reading the synopsis for Hell Dancer, I really wasn’t sure what I should expect.  The only thing that I did figure on was that this author was going to offer up a story unlike any that I’ve ever read, along with a great deal of shock value.  In that respect, Wol-vriey did not disappoint.

Let’s be honest, Hell Dancer is not going to be an academic treasure for generations of scholars.  It was never meant to be that; it is an in your face (or any orifice that presents itself), rock ‘em, shock ‘em book that will leave you wondering, “What the devil was that?!” So, that is the approach that I have decided to take in my review.

Wol-vriey has packed a solid group of characters into Hell Dancer.  Some we get to know better than others.  Predictably, most of the cast is one dimensional with very little character development.  What these characters really had going for them was a high concentration of corn.  That’s right, I liked the corn in Hell Dancer.  Chad Cannon, Venus Deluxe, best friends, Mike and Jordan, and I cannot forget, no matter how hard I try, the infamous KY.  I have to give credit, Wol-vriey has put together a perfect cast.

Now, the plot.  Wol-vriey has developed an elaborate world; many of the parts are over-the-top, but I don’t think that it could have been accomplished any other way.  As outrageous as the scenes were, everything worked and was tightly pulled together, while thrusting the action forward.

In the end, Hell Dancer far exceeded my expectations.  The climax was completely satisfying.  There were some proofing issues that could be easily fixed, as they were only a minor distraction.  Now for the real question, “Would I read another Wol-vriey book in the future?”  Yes.  Yes I would.  It just needs to be the right place at the right time.

*3.5 Stars

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