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Duncan Ralston has put together a collection of his short stories that are shocking, disturbing and disgusting.  Truly enjoyable. There are seven unique stories found in this book, each one will push your mind further into the depths of his deranged mind.

What I enjoyed most about Gristle & Bone was that each stood on its own merits.  In my mind the short story is an art, the author has a length constraint, they must pull you into their world, while at the same time leaving you satisfied that the story was complete, without anything else needing to be told.  Duncan Ralston fulfilled this completely.

As with a collection of shorts, some are better than others.  He had the perfect start with “Baby Teeth”, this story shocked me, left my jaw on the floor, wondering “What the h-e double hockey sticks is wrong with this guy?  He’s sick!”  I just had to read more.

My personal favorite (and every horror lover will find their own) was “Beware of Dog”.  I found that this one had a bit more substance to it and I did not see that ending coming.

If you are looking for something new a different in the horror genre, Gristle & Bone will shock you.

4 Stars

Gristle & Bone - By Duncan Ralston