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By Charles LaFave

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Greeth was one of those books that was a little bit outside of my box.  I’m not a big fan of wizards, I generally prefer books that are set in the world I know.

Charles LaFave did an excellent job of intriguing me.  First off, when he asked me to read Greeth, he compared it to Horns.  Even my son said, “Just because Harry Potter played the guy in Horns, doesn’t mean you can compare the two.”  While true, Charles LaFave had my attention.

What really grabbed me was the darkness of Greeth.  The scenario that was created by the author wasn’t centered on wizards casting spells and defeating mysterious, mystical beasts; Greeth was about a troubled man overcoming loss and challenging a far stronger foe.  It was about determination and overcoming hopelessness, the rest was window dressing that enhanced Peter Buraku’s story.

Charles LaFave created a detailed world complete with history and connections between the characters that pulled the story together.  When the author’s world weaves seamlessly into our own, it pulls me deeper into the story.

The characters were this author’s greatest strength.  He developed a vast cast, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, all of them moving the story forward at a perfect pace.

If you’re not into wizards and magic, but love a dark story with an intricately developed troubled hero, Greeth would be a great book for you.  If you love wizards and magic, you’re already there.

*4 Stars