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I am usually drawn to full length novels, but I have been tempted by Deborah Bladon’s books for a long time now and had to give one a try. Her covers are definitely eye catching and have grabbed my attention on several occasions.  Well, she hooked me with Gone.  She now has me anxiously awaiting the second book in this series.

For such an intelligent girl, Lilly made a terrible choice by sending a half-naked picture of herself to a stranger.  She may have considered it to be harmless fun and flirting, but it backfired!  Oh, did it ever!

Lilly has been working hard to get noticed by Clive Parker.  He is the CEO of a successful technology firm that Lilly would love to work for.  Well, Clive does notice her.  It’s hard not to notice… a lot of her – as her provocative photo and panties end up in his hands.

What follows Lilly’s apparent blunder is an intense attraction which results in some steamy sexual encounters.  Maybe her little mistake wasn’t that bad after all.  But their relationship is quickly shadowed by Clive’s doubts about Lilly’s intentions and his growing distrust of her.

Gone is a well written first installment in what promises to be a great series.  The chemistry between Lilly and Clive is intense, the story pulls you in quickly, and it leaves you hanging and wanting more.

*4.5 Stars*

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Gone: Part One
(Gone Series) 
By Deborah Bladon