I’ve really been enjoying the books that have sprung forth from the apocalyptic world created by Tracey Ward.  Gods of the Dead is the first book in the third series written by Tracey Ward.  The nice thing is that the three series have overlapping characters, but can each be read independently.

Gods of the Dead takes two of my favorite secondary characters from The Survival Series, Trent and Vin.  We go back to the early years of the zombie outbreak, we see the start of the whole ordeal through the eyes of Trent and Vin.  Having already been introduced to these characters in The Survival Series, I really enjoyed getting to see what made these two tick…tick…tick…I always found that these two made The Survival Series as strong and compelling as it is.

Tracey Ward has a knack for creating interesting characters that pull me into her books.  In Gods of the Dead, I learned so much more about some characters that I thought I knew so well; the layers of Trent and Vin have begun to be pulled back.  It was fun to get an early glimpse of Ryan and to meet his older brother, Kevin, as well as a brief glimpse of Joss.

The thing that will always keep me coming back to Tracey Ward’s books is her dialogue.  There are few authors who can mix the serious yet sassy lines with such flair.  Each character has their own distinct personality which the author showcases perfectly.

Gods of the Dead (Rising #1) is a great start to Tracey Ward’s apocalyptic world in the Pacific Northwest, a world that I will certainly be returning to again.

*4 Stars

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Gods of the Dead By Tracey Ward