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​In this tell-all age of social media, it’s difficult to contemplate the ease at which someone could ghost someone.  We all know people who insist on posting their whereabouts at each point in their day (they're the same people who post pictures of their food at every meal).  Sure, you can simply not answer your phone, not reply to a text, unfriend someone, just drop off of every social media platform, and if that certain someone happens to – God forbid – actually show up at your house and ring the doorbell, well, you can always hide behind the sofa and wait for them to leave.  Ghosting is the easy, non-confrontational way out.  I would like to think that most people who have experienced this disappearing act would just give up, hold their chin up, carry on with their lives, and realize that they were just not that into you.  For Sarah, after spending seven wonderful, romantic days with Eddie, and fully believing that he was “the one,” she couldn’t fathom that he would just vanish into thin air.

I wanted to know what happened to Eddie.  Do I think that two people can fall madly in love in only one week?  I think it can happen.  I’m a romantic at heart, well, a reluctant, skeptical romantic, but still a romantic.  I can completely accept that Sarah would be heartbroken to believe that Eddie had ghosted her.  She had been so certain that they had connected, that their feelings were mutual.  It’s a big hit to the ego to find out that you were wrong, that you were far more smitten than the other person.  Sarah couldn’t accept that Eddie wasn’t interested.  She was sure that something must have happened to him.

I am a reader who will go with the flow.  I put my trust in the author’s vision for their novel – it is their story, after all.  With that being said, I hate to admit that Sarah’s behavior bothered me.  She spent a week with a man, thought she had found her soulmate, but come on, girl, how long are you going to obsess over him?  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get on with your life!  Yes, you may be a tad sullen and disappointed, but it was only one week out of your life.  Even your friends and his friends were telling you to leave it alone.  It almost became, dare I say, a bit pathetic.  I know, I know, if Sarah had done what I wanted, the story would’ve been over before it really had a chance to start.  Where would the fun be in that?!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I did like parts of the story.  The secondary characters were an entertaining, quirky bunch that definitely added a spark to the book.  I had a few laughs, my heart broke a bit, and I was taken by surprise by the twist in the story.  The twist helped to keep me invested in Sarah and Eddie’s story.  I wanted to find out what was going to become of them.  The author left breadcrumbs along the way to lead her readers in a certain direction, but then she changed course, giving her readers something a bit more unexpected.  I always appreciate the unexpected.

*3.5 – 4 Stars

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By Rosie Walsh