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This is the second book in The Adventures of Odysseus, and we move ten years past the events of the King of Ithaca. Odysseus, with the help of Eperitus, has re-established peace in his island kingdom. Along with his wife, Penelope, Odysseus has welcomed his son Telemachus into the world. All is well and good in the world…until….

Spoiler alert!!!

Paris steals Helen from Menelaeus, takes her back to Troy and incites a war between the Greeks and the Trojans.

Okay, spoiler alert is over!!

Odysseus’ scheme from the King of Ithaca, intended to create peace amongst the Greek kings, has come back to bite him in the butt. They must all go to Troy to “rescue” the “kidnapped” Queen.

Eperitus’ role is constantly getting more entrenched with the known myth and his character is getting more developed. His ideals of honor are sometimes in conflict with his King, Odysseus, who is known as a schemer and a trickster. Eperitus’ hatred and shame of his father comes into play and helps to build his character and role.

The war has begun and next we should see the long awaited retelling of The Iliad.

*4 Stars 

The Gates of Troy - By Glyn Iliffe