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(Faith McMann Trilogy #1)

By T.R. Ragan

I love a good crime thriller, especially one that leans a bit to the dark side.  Furious is all that and more.  I know that you never get between a mother and her kids, Momma Bear comes to life.

To say that Faith McMann had a bad day is a massive understatement.  Ragan starts this story off with a bang, and keeps the good times rolling.  I was pulled into Faith McMann’s life and needed her to have her vengeance.

Ragan tackles some pretty heavy issues in Furious.  I felt the frustration of a parent with law enforcement’s inability to get results; the underfunding and budget cuts for our police forces may not seem like a big problem, until you need their help.  Reading Furious, I learned more about human trafficking than I ever wanted to know.  It’s one of those things we all know happens, but we bury our heads in the sand; it only happens to other people.  Well, Ragan shoved it in my face.  These are issues that we need to address and fix.

I felt dragged through the wringer along with Faith McMann.  Her character was average and normal, she could be anyone – your friend, neighbor, co-worker.  This helps me to build a connection to the character, she is not some unfathomable, unrealistic person.  The supporting cast was awesome, they complemented Faith and illuminated her many sides.  When Furious, Rage and Beast began their rampage, I thought I was in a J.R. Ward book.

I have finished Furious, but Faith McMann’s story is not over.  In the end, I enjoyed T.R. Ragan’s writing, but I don’t feel the urgency to jump into the next book in the series.

*4 Stars