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Gray and Livia were deeply in love and newly engaged, but almost as quickly as Livia accepted Gray’s proposal, she just disappeared – without a note or a trace – poof!  When their eyes meet across a crowded room five years later, all of the familiar feelings come flooding back to the surface (not that they were ever gone to begin with).  Gray wants answers.  Gray deserves answers.  Livia just wants to avoid him altogether. 

I always enjoy a romance book that is served with a generous helping of angst.  K.L. Kreig delivered this and then some!  Livia had her reasons for abandoning her relationship all those years ago.  She did what she felt was right, she sacrificed so much, she endured even more.  She is still in love with Gray, but she doesn’t want to revisit the past, to divulge her secrets, and to feel the shame.  She knows that he has every right to know what happened, she’s just not ready to share those details with him…yet.

Gray is a no-nonsense, tough as nails businessman.  He is persistent and not about to let Livia walk away from him a second time.  The years without her put him through hell and he just wants to finally understand what happened to make her just up and leave.  Gray is a strong alpha male, but he also isn’t afraid to express his feelings.  Oh, he loves Livia with every fiber of his being – this could never be denied.  He could be dominant and possessive in one breath, and completely romantic in the next.  Did I mention that he’s delicious?  Mm hmm.

Forsaking Gray is an intense, emotional, romantic, steamy book that pulls the reader into the story right from the start.  It alternates between Livia and Gray’s perspectives.  I always enjoy discovering both sides of the story.  As I mentioned earlier, this book is filled with angst – Kindle gripping, curse word inducing, wanting to shake some sense into the characters kind of angst.  I was pretty much in my happy place!

With fantastic writing, characters that I cared about and became invested in, and other layers to the story that left me shocked, Forsaking Gray gave me all of the elements that I enjoy when reading, and has left me anxiously awaiting Asher’s story. 

*4.5 Stars*



Forsaking Gray
(The Colloway Brothers #1)
 By K.L. Kreig