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Find you in the Dark

By Nathan Ripley

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This book is marketed as being comparable to Dexter and The Talented Mr. Ripley.  These are great tags to pull a reader like myself in, but you have to live up to your own hype.  Once you get to know Martin Reese, the comparison of characters is there.  Let’s see how the story holds up.

Nathan Ripley has created a unique story arc.  It has a lot of great twists and turns, with a couple of “I did not see that coming” moments.  It was lacking a little something – something that would have kept me riveted to the pages.  Perhaps it was where I was with my reading, but I felt familiar feelings with other books.  Nothing stolen, by any means, just not unique enough.

Find You in the Dark had an excellent cast of characters.  They were all well developed and integral to the story, however, I lacked a connection to the protagonist.  Martin Reese was rich, perceptive and intelligent, he was missing an idiosyncrasy/fatal flaw that I find helps me connect better with a protagonist who seems to have it all.  In the end, I didn’t connect well enough with any of the characters.  It dials down the suspense level when I don’t care who lives or dies.

As a debut novel, Find You in the Dark was good enough.  The writing was well done, it was just lacking certain elements that would bring the story up to the next level.  Would I read a book by Nathan Ripley again?  I’ll say yes, but with all of the great debuts I’ve read lately, he’s got a tough row to hoe.

*3.5 Stars​