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By Mira Grant

I’ll tell you, I was pretty excited when I saw that Mira Grant was going to release a fourth book in the Newsflesh series.  That series had it all, a perfect balancing of tension, gore, shock and comic relief.  The first book, Feed, had me hooked on the series.  Does it need a fourth book?  No, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to go back to that world.

The first thing I’ll address is, do you need to read the other three books before you read Feedback?  The quick answer is no.  Feedback stands alone, set in the same world as Feed, it runs parallel to book one.  However, if you read Feedback and then want to read Feed, some of the shocks and surprises will be spoiled.

Feedback reads almost like a mirror image of Feed.  The Masons of book one had a complete news team.  Georgia, the protagonist, was the Newsie and Shawn, her brother, the Irwin.  In Feedback the roles are reversed.  Ash is the daredevil Irwin, while her husband Ben is the hard hitting Newsie.  Feedback is Ash’s story, Ben falls into the background further than Shawn ever did.  But then again…Irwins tend to have more “Look at me!” moments.  Mira Grant did not neglect the supporting cast; each and every single one was fully developed and played a pivotal role, driving the story forward, providing some comic relief or both.

Feedback was a fantastic addition to the Newsflesh series.  Mira Grant is a master of zombie tension and characters.  In the current political climate, it was great to see the fictional campaigns and candidates that she put forward.

Sit back and enjoy!

*5 Stars

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