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This book definitely grabbed a hold of me from the beginning and kept me flipping through the pages until the very end!

Jessica Channing lives in an apartment with a couple of friends in New York City, she graduated university at a young age, she is an up and comer at a great tech company, and her life is on a structured and steady path. Sounds perfect, right? Sure, she’s on the road to success, but her personal life isn’t really going anywhere. This all changes when she finds herself on a bus travelling to Hera N.Y. after learning of her Aunt Virginia’s passing.

Hera N.Y. is a very small and quaint town that’s just a couple of hours away from The Big Apple. It is nothing like what Jessica is used to. When she is met by her aunt’s lawyer, she quickly learns that she is not a stranger in this little town. Jessica has a lot of decisions to make after discovering that her aunt has left her the beneficiary of her estate, including a very large and historic home. The townspeople seem to have been expecting her arrival and have greeted her with open arms. In a small town like Hera where everybody knows everybody else’s business, this is often the norm, but it takes her by surprise.

Not only are most of the townsfolk friendly, but there are a couple of very attractive men too. Dylan Blackard is friendly, social, gorgeous, and is more than interested in getting to know the newest visitor to Hera. His brother, Carson, is handsome, brooding, standoffish, and doesn’t seem to care if she’s there or not. Jessica is more than a little intrigued by these men who seem to be out of her league.

Jessica isn’t really looking for a relationship or for love. Oh, she isn’t opposed to getting to know an eligible man, but she is closed off and reserved in the “love” department. She didn’t exactly have the most loving family life. Her parents provided her with everything that she needed, and they more than nurtured her intellectually, but they failed to demonstrate a loving environment. They were always more concerned with her education, her profession, her success. She has adapted to her unique life the best way that she can, but not without about “seventy million” quirky coping mechanisms of her own.

Jessica soon finds herself feeling comfortable in Hera. She is making friends…and getting friendly with Dylan Blackard. She is learning a lot of information about her late aunt and discovering that she is more tied to this community than she had originally thought. She also learns that Carson Blackard isn’t really as indifferent towards her as she had originally thought. Hmm, this could be problematic…and interesting…and hot…

I don’t want to give too much of the story away, you should really read it yourself to find out. S.A. Wolfe did a fabulous job creating interesting characters that I cared about, wanted to know more about, and wanted the best outcome for. It had a lot of the elements that I look for in a book. It had wit, drama, unique characters, angst, family secrets, a love triangle, and romance galore. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.

5 Stars

Fearsome - By S.A. Wolfe