This was an emotional novel. It deals with abuse and it takes you through one woman’s journey to find peace and security in a world that has left her damaged.

This is the story of Kami. She is scared of almost everything. She is afraid of the dark, she doesn’t like to be in a room with the door closed, and she is afraid of large bodies of water (pools, lakes, and ocean). Kami doesn’t know how to handle affection of any kind. She is afraid to give it and to receive it. Her only safety net is her two best friends, Angel and Dominic. They have their own issues to deal with, but together they have created a family of sorts and they need and rely on one another.

When Kami meets Blaine, she likes what she sees. He is a big, good looking guy who is covered in tattoos and has piercings. She is drawn to him yet fearful of him at the same time. She is not fearful because of the tattoos and piercings, she is fearful because he makes her have feelings that she is uncomfortable having. He makes her want to experience things (love) and to feel things…she wants to be normal.

Kami has been through unimaginable things. These things have debilitated her and she thinks that she can never have love or be loved – that she is unlovable. Blaine tries to help her see that love doesn’t have to hurt, it doesn’t have to punish or destroy people. She wants Blaine more than anything and he wants her. He has had his own issues to deal with in his past and he feels the need to protect her.

The characters in the book were very well done. I felt so many emotions when reading about them. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others to read.

4.5 Stars

Fear of Falling - By S.L. Jennings

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