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Fallen Soldier - By Rich Hawkins

I’m going to be straight with all of you right from the start.  I find that we are being overrun with short stories.  I get it.  We all want something that we can start and finish on the train or bus home at the end of the day.  Personally, I like them from time to time after I have finished an incredible full length novel, a “shortie” will change my mindset and give a fresh start to my next book.

There is an art to the “shortie”.  Rich Hawkins has mastered this art and Fallen Soldier is a prime example of how great a short story can be.

First and foremost, don’t overload me with characters, I’m only going to be here for an hour tops.  Rich Hawkins has kept Fallen Soldier tight with a minimum of characters.  In the short time I spent with Joseph Hobbs, I felt like I got to know him.

Secondly, keep the plot simple.  When I say simple, I don’t mean something for a six year old.  Rich Hawkins kept the story moving along, there were no tangents to distract.  Fallen Soldier was straight and to the point.

What pushed Fallen Soldier over the top?  The ending.  Rich Hawkins nailed the ending, leaving the reader wondering, thinking, and satisfied.

Fallen Soldier is a prime example of exactly what a short story should be.

*4.5 Stars