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Every Wrong Reason 
By Rachel Higginson

​​Whew!  This book has worn me out (in a good way). 

Kate has reached her breaking point in her marriage to Nick.  She hasn’t been happy for a while.  She doesn’t like the person that she’s become.  She doesn’t like who she is when she’s with him…she’s not even sure if she likes him anymore.  The book is written from Kate’s perspective and begins with her listing all of the reasons why she shouldn’t be with Nick.  They range from the little annoyances that we all have when we live under the same roof with someone, to the major ones, such as falling out of love.

Every Wrong Reason has a normal couple dealing with realistic problems.  Neither one of them is solely to blame for their problems.  Each one played a part in their crumbling relationship.  Spending the majority of their time arguing has just left them tired and drained.  Coming to the decision to separate just seemed like the best way for them to attempt to move on and find happiness again.  But when you have invested ten years into a relationship and into building a life with someone, moving on alone is not an easy feat.

To say that this book was emotional would be an understatement.  I’ve been married for a number of years, and although I have never contemplated divorce, I couldn’t help but be sympathetic to their situation.  Reading their story, I felt their pain.  Despite the book being written from Kate’s perspective, I felt for Nick too.  There was no ‘bad guy’ in this story.  They never went into their marriage believing that it would come to an end.  This was not an easy decision for them to come to or to live with.

Again, the element that I enjoyed the most about this book was how relatable the characters were.  During their separation, when something happened and Kate needed to talk to someone, her first instinct was to call Nick.  He was her partner, her family, her home base for so many years that it just seemed natural to want to share it with him.  She wasn’t sure if she would ever feel that connection and that fit with anyone else again.

I never believed for one minute that they didn’t love one another.  Even when they just happened to run into each other, there was that spark, that longing, and the sadness that surrounded both of them.  It was obvious that living apart was not really what they wanted, they were just not sure how to repair the damage that was already done.  Did I want to jump through the screen of my Kindle and yell at them to suck it up and try harder?  Yes, many times!  I wanted them to get back together, to see how much they meant to one another.  In my opinion, if an author can evoke such emotion in a reader, then you know it’s a fantastic book.  She was able to make me teary eyed, make my heart ache, make me swoon, and make me laugh out loud. 

Rachel Higginson has written a beautiful story that is honest, raw, and hopeful.  It grabbed me at the beginning and kept me emotionally invested until the last page. 

*5 Stars