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This is a fun, quick, quirky, humorous book that kept me delightfully entertained from start to finish. 

Kaitlyn Parker is an intelligent, strong, quirky young woman who comes from a family of highly intelligent over-achievers.  She is awkward, somewhat robotic, self-conscious, determined, and anti-social.  I loved her character!  She is the girl that studies, is organized to a fault, she doesn’t worry about clothes and make-up, and she is happy to sit in her dorm room with a good book and a few good cookies on a weekend evening. She is the polar opposite of a party girl.  There were so many instances where I found myself laughing out loud at her behavior and her idiosyncrasies. 

Martin Sandeke is rich, gorgeous, athletic, and a jerk-faced bully.  He also happens to be Kaitlyn’s chemistry partner.  He has the pick of any woman on campus – and he usually leaves them in tears after he’s finished with them.   

When Kaitlyn overhears a conversation between two of Martin’s so-called friends that could put him in a difficult situation, Kaitlyn feels compelled to tell him, to save him from this bad scenario.  This puts Kaitlyn in a completely different situation than what she had ever imagined.  The sparks between her and Martin ignite, and things get a little bit heated.  Martin becomes more than a little interested in Kaitlyn and begins to pursue her, despite her reluctance.  She doesn’t understand what a guy like him would want with a girl like her. 

Kaitlyn is inexperienced in the man department.  She’d never really made out with anyone before.  She is well studied on books about sexuality, but hasn’t had the opportunity to partake in such behaviors…until Martin Sandeke.  I loved Kaitlyn’s unabashed honesty about her lack of experience.  She almost reminded me of a Sheldon Cooper type character (from The Big Bang Theory) – with the exception that she actually has a properly functioning libido.  Hey, her Bunsen burner did get overheated from time to time!

I thought that the book was very cleverly written.  I enjoyed Kaitlyn’s little expressions and sayings.  I liked her synonym game and her life rules – which were often made up on the spot and not actually rules that she lived by.  All of these little things just added to the humor and the likability of her character.

As I read the book, I found myself wanting to like Martin, wanting to believe that his interest in Kaitlyn was genuine, but I didn’t trust him.  He seemed to truly like her, he was definitely attracted to her, but it might’ve all been too good to be true.  She did refer to him as a jerk-faced bully, after all.  The book did end rather abruptly and left me needing to find out if there are, in fact, any redeemable qualities to Martin Sandeke.

*4 Stars*



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