Dying Days 

By Armand Rosamilia

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The zombie apocalypse is upon us.  Armand Rosamilia has taken us to the beautiful beaches of Florida for this battle between the living and the undead.  It follows the story of Darlene Bobich as she attempts to survive in a hostile world.

Dying Days is an enjoyable, quick read.  It is filled with equal parts of tension, gore and fun.  I think that sometimes you need to have a little bit of fun with the end of the world.  There are so many books that are very dark and depressing, and let’s be honest, if ever the undead walk the earth, it would be a time in which survival would be the only concern, fun would take a backseat.  But this is fiction, a “what if” scenario where we can have some fun.  And a smart-mouthed heroine fighting off fully functional zombies is entertaining.

It’s hard to really get to know a character in just one hundred pages, but Armand Rosamilia has done an excellent job of exposing Darlene Bobich.  She has a tough exterior, but deep down she is terrified and is just looking to find her place in the remnants of humanity.  By keeping the point of view squarely on Darlene, we get to know her and are pulled into her story.

What cranks Dying Days up to the next level are the Sons of the New Patriots.  Every great zombie story needs a strong villain, not just the zombies, they are just mindless monsters who cannot mount a coordinated threat.  The heroine/hero needs to be challenged by a living, breathing, thinking villain – one who pushes the protagonist to do more than just smash skulls.

Dying Days is a perfect little story if you’re looking for some zombie fun that is ratcheted up a couple of notches.  I’m looking forward to seeing where Armand Rosamilia goes with this story.

*4 Stars