As soon as I read the synopsis for Disgrace, my interest was piqued.  I’m always drawn to books that deal with marital issues, and let me be straight with you right off the bat, this book is emotional.  If you don’t want to feel a gamut of emotions, walk away now. 

Disgrace is told in dual points of view between Grace and Jackson.  Both characters have been through a great deal in their lives.  As readers, we get to see flashes of Jackson’s youth, and how events from his past have shaped the man that he is today.  His hardened, gruff, angry behavior is simply a product of what he has endured.  While my heart did break at times for Jackson’s pain, he did infuriate me, too.  He certainly wasn’t always on his kindest, best behavior when it came to Gracelyn, and that definitely got under my skin.  Ah, but I must admit that there is something about these types of fictional characters that, despite their bullish behavior, keeps the readers flipping the pages.

Grace had been dealt a plethora of heartbreaking blows, the final one by the very people who should have always had her best interests at heart.  She was feeling broken, vulnerable, and at the center of attention in her small hometown of Chester, Georgia, where the gossip flowed freely and often.  Nobody would’ve ever paired up Jackson with Grace, but when they were together, their broken pieces seemed to be whole again. 

Disgrace moved along at a steady pace, keeping me invested in the characters’ lives.  I wanted to see them grow, let down their defenses and open themselves up to the possibilities that they had right in front of them.  Theirs was a bumpy journey that was laden with poisoned whispers, expectations, and betrayal.  While I wanted to see Grace and Jackson overcome their issues, I wanted to see other characters suffer their consequences.

Brittainy C. Cherry has written a heartfelt book that will undoubtedly touch many of her readers. 

*4 Stars​​ 


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 By Brittainy C. Cherry

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