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Disappearance at Devil's Rock

 By Paul Tremblay

This is my first venture into the horrific world of Paul Tremblay, but when the chance comes along to read a book by the most recent Bram Stoker winner before it hits the shelves, you do not turn that down!

As a parent, Disappearance at Devil’s Rock revolves around the most horrifying thing that you can imagine; the call in the middle of the night that your child is missing.  Paul Tremblay paints a vivid picture of what would be going through a parent’s mind.  Then, at the end of the first chapter, he ups the ante tenfold with an amazing “What?  What?  What?” moment.  This monstrous start kept me riveted to the remainder of the book.

Paul Tremblay has exquisitely put together a real life horror story, and his strength was his ability to realistically capture the varying human reactions to the scenario.  Having a teenager at home, I found myself thinking, “Yeah, that is exactly what he would do too.”  Teenage boys are some of the worst creatures on the face of the earth when it comes to fully appreciating of the consequences of their actions.  But the teens weren’t the only ones portrayed so realistically.  This was true of all the characters, from the parents, to the police and all of the members of the community.

Disappearance at Devil’s Rock was a real horror story, any parent’s nightmare.  Paul Tremblay is a true master of creating characters and stories that can touch a person’s deep-rooted fears.

*4 Stars